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Automation is the New Outsourcing: Future of Work
emotiv headset
A man holds up two tablets reflecting the sky, one of which is blocking his face.
Sorensen prosthetic arm
Aging immortal Jellyfish Innovation
A blown-up image of a strand of DNA.
Virscan Blood Test
Artificial muscle spun from fishing line
The Rise of Artificial Wombs
A toe tag is attached to a deceased person's foot.
A distressed man in a suit speaks to a woman holding a clipboard.
An illustration of two types of blood cells found in the human body.
Vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease
hospital cancer treatment bed
White bark plant aging process
man riding bicycle
End of Permanent, Physical Injuries and Disabilities: Future of Health
Future of Beauty: Future of Human Evolution
Responsibility Over Your Quantified Health: Future of Health
Engineering the perfect baby: Future of Human Evolution
Precision Healthcare Taps into your Genome: Future of Health
Biohacking Superhumans and Human Martians: Future of Human Evolution
Experiencing Tomorrow’s Healthcare System: Future of Health
Techno-Evolution and Human Martians: Future of Human Evolution
Tomorrow’s Pandemics and the Super Drugs Engineered to Fight Them: Future of Health
Healthcare on the Brink of Revolution: Future of Health
End of Mental Illness: Future of Health
Moving From Extreme Life Extension to Immortality: Future of Human Population
14 things you can do about climate change: The End of the Climate Wars P13