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Fast Forecasts for 2019
  • Star Wars: Episode IX' is released in theaters. 1
  • European Union permits the use of self-driving vehicles on roads throughout the EU. 1
  • NASA completes the Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management (UTM) to manaage drone traffic in our skies. 1
  • The sequel to 'The Incredibles' is finally released in theaters. 1
  • Justice League, Part II' is released in theaters. 1
  • Batman movie reboot, staring and directed by Ben Afflick, is released in theatres. 1
  • Apple releases its first electric car. 1
  • Avengers: Infinity War, Part II' is released in theaters. Seriously, hide the Infinity Gems. 1
  • Tesla produces over 500,000 cars for the first time. 1
  • Bionic eye lens allows humans to have 3x 20/20 vision 1
  • Denmark opens the first zoo without cages 1
  • Marijuana used to treat PTSD in the US 1
  • James Webb Space Telescope is launched into orbit to discover liquid water on other planets 1
  • All global computer power now equals human brain power 1
  • Cost of solar panels, per watt, equals 1.4 US dollars 1
  • Global reserves of Manganese is fully mined and depleted 1
  • England's "Crossrail" is fully built 1
  • New York City's "East Side Access" is fully built 1
  • Saudi Arabia's "Kingdom Tower" is fully built 1
  • Skylon (spacecraft) goes into operation 1
  • World population forecasted to reach 7,678,174,000 1
  • World sales of electric vehicles reaches 5,900,000 1
  • Predicted global mobile web traffic equals 16 exabytes 1
  • Global Internet traffic grows to 158 exabytes 1

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