2017 Quantumrun Global 1000 key findings

<span property="schema:name">2017 Quantumrun Global 1000 key findings</span>
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2017 Quantumrun Global 1000 key findings

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      David Tal, Quantumrun President and Founder
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    Of the many insights gleaned from the 2017 Quantumrun Global 1000 ranking, the ones that stood out the most included the following:


    • The top 10 companies featured in the 2017 Quantumrun Global 1000 ranking are: (#1) BP, (#2) Honeywell International, (#2) Barclays, (#4) Apple, (#5) Boeing, (#6) Johnson & Johnson, (#7) Microsoft, (#8) Intel, (#9) Caterpillar, and (#10) Chevron.

    • Fewer than 7% of the companies listed in the 2017 Quantumrun Global 1000 rankings are forecasted to safely stay in business until 2030 while nearly 75% of companies have scores that caution them to re-evaluate and strengthen their business practices for future success and longevity. Only 20% of the companies listed are forecasted to be disrupted out of business or bought by another company long before 2030.

    • Of the listed companies, those based within North America (excluding Mexico), Western Europe, and select Southeast Asian states scored higher in this ranking, and are projected to have better odds of staying in business until 2030.

    • Aerospace & defence, financial services, and healthcare & pharmaceuticals were the top-ranked of the 15 sectors assessed in this ranking. In other words, the companies belonging to these sectors have a higher average potential to stay in business until 2030.

    • Of the companies listed, those belonging to the media & entertainment, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, and technology sectors tended to spend the most on research and development operations to support their long-term growth and operations.

    • On average, the companies belonging to the retail and wholesale sectors scored the worst in terms of total R&D spending and total overall scores within this ranking.


    To read the full findings of this report and access the data set used to produce these rankings, click the link below:
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