3D selfies may be near

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If you’re hoping for selfies to go away anytime soon, tough luck. 3D selfies may just be right around the corner.

Selfies are a large part of our culture. Everywhere you look they can be seen all over social media. A Swiss company, Dacuda, has developed a new app that allows selfies to be transferred into three dimensions. Dacuda has implemented this 3D scanning technology into an app accessible to anyone who owns a smartphone.

Dacuda provided an early preview at TEDxCambridge earlier this month. How does it work? The 3D scanning software is combined with 3D printing. The scanning-printing combination allows the smartphone the ability to make the selfie more immersive.

“Today already there are many people who want to share their memories — so for example a wedding or a birthday, or if you are pregnant — and you can do that with photographs, but now you can also make these memories tangible,” Dacuda founder and Vice President Fonseka said.

The app generates a life-like scan of a person’s head enabling it to create polished 3D selfies that are perfectly recognizable. Each individual facial expression is able to be recognized.

Selfies are among one of the most popular smartphone uses. Everyone will be capable of bringing their photo to life with this new technology.  


3D selfies have the ability to change the way smartphone photography is used. Many, if not all, smartphones now contain excellent cameras that take beautiful pictures. With this 3D technology, another layer will be added. The experience will become more universal and immersive.

The accessibility and feasibility of this new app also benefits everyone. You won’t have to pay the expensive cost of 3D printing and it will all be done on your own smartphone. Its ability to capture images and bring them to life makes this app truly remarkable.

Year Range: 2020 – 2035 

Forecasted start year: 
2022 to 2025
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