AR mirrors & fashion integration

When we think of fashion, the potential technologies surrounding it is probably the last thing that comes to mind. Much like technology, however, fashion and it’s 2 trillion dollar per year industry goes through trends in what is popular and what isn’t, and it’s continually evolving. From the new runway and the future of window shopping to mass retailers using new augmented reality (AR) applications, and how you can use augmented reality to help make personal fashion choices are important breakthroughs the fashion industry is having with the help of AR.

The new runway and the future of window shopping

Within the landscape of fashion as it stands currently, augmented reality fashion shows are becoming the latest involvement of AR within the clothing scene. Earlier in 2019, Tehran hosted an augmented reality fashion show using computer-generated projections on a virtual catwalk to show of Iran's latest clothing styles. Using a mirror like a panel you can peer into, you can view the entire show in real time.

In late 2018, Popular apparel outlet H&M and Moschino teamed up with Warpin Media to create a walk in augmented reality box to view contemporary trends. Utilizing AR goggles, showpieces within the walk-in box came to life. Creating another dimension to seeing clothes and accessories is not only an innovative way to bring attention to fashion trends, but it also lends itself to part of the artistry that high-end fashion designers like to frame their work in.

Another clothing outlet Zara has started using AR displays in 120 stores worldwide. This new foray into AR began in April 2018 and allows the customer to hold their mobile devices in front of designated display models or shop windows and instantly buy that particular look using an automatic sensor.  

AR aids with fashion finds

On a more day to day life level, augmented reality technology is present in the most prominent online distributor Amazon. Amazon has recently introduced this new technology by patenting an AR mirror which will allow you to try on virtual clothing options. The mirror has a built-in camera on the top panel and features “blended reality.” The application dresses you in virtual clothes and you can set a virtual location as your backdrop.

You can move 360 degrees within the designated space in front of the mirror to see clothing options properly. This patented technology also manipulates lighting using built-in projectors to give you a comprehensive look at your clothing and how you will look in it no matter the time of day or lighting situations.  

Sephora, a popular makeup and cosmetic store, has also launched a make-up AR application called Virtual Artist. Using a Snapchat-like filter, you can try on a wide variety of lipstick shades, and purchase them through the filter itself. Virtual Artist is a massive leap for keeping up with trends, and you can use it anytime and anyplace. The digital reached of fashion-oriented companies have stretched farther and wider due to augmented reality applications.


Augmented reality allows you to experience fashions, trends, clothing options in a much more visceral and involved way. Style and fashion advice is starting to enter the digital age and augmented reality innovations in the space are few and far between, but have realistic and logical uses.

For those of you who have ever ordered something online, only to receive it and realize it doesn't fit, or the color doesn't look good on you, this is something to keep your eye on. If you love experiencing all the sensory glamour of high-end fashions, maybe experiencing digital AR fashion shows and showcases is another way to scratch that itch. For designers, it is a powerful method to market their collections.

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