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Since 2010, Quantumrun Forecasting’s research and consulting agency has used long-range strategic foresight to help organizations thrive from future trends.

Through this foresight work, strategy, innovation, and R&D teams now rely on our mid-to-long-term reporting to stay ahead of disruptive market shifts, as well as to generate innovative product or service offerings.


The business value of foresight

When thinking about what Quantumrun Forecasting does, it’s easier to think of us more as expert generalists who support expert specialists.

For example, as a professional in your field, it’s your responsibility to be aware of the trends within your industry that are set to guide its progress over the coming two to five years.

But like most professionals, you either don’t have the time or the resources to stay informed about all the different trends emerging externally, that may have a direct or indirect impact on your industry, your profession, and your company.

This is where Quantumrun Forecasting adds value.

Our clients use our services like an outsourced research, strategy and content partner that supplies them with a steady stream of new ideas and industry intelligence.

These company innovation or insight teams then use that research as an additional resource to cost-effectively make more thorough and informed decisions to guide their mid-to-long-term strategies.

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  • Lua Emilia
    Director, Strategy & Business Intelligence
  • Michael Dydynski
    Senior Consultant
  • Marko Rapaille
    Senior Consultant
  • Joshua Manirakisa
  • Janna Ascoli

  • Meghan Lafferty
  • Writers
    Numerous contributors

  • Andrea Belick
    National Account Manager |­ Eurasia
  • Marc Sinclair
    National Account Manager ­| Eurasia
  • Liana Gibeault
    National Account Manager ­| USA
  • Robert Ries
    National Account Manager ­| USA
  • Stephen Lukemann
    National Account Manager ­| Canada

  • Andrew Hill
    HR Generalist

  • Mukesh Kumar
    Project Manager
  • Eric Wa
    Algorithm Engineer
  • Mohit Parashar
    Senior Developer
  • Artem Tretyak
  • Yunus Bookwala
    Server Administrator

  • Kaelah Shimonov
    Online Community Manager
  • Matt Konarsky
    Social Media Coordinator
  • Anastassia S
    Web Designer

  • Lua Emilia
    Director, Strategy & Business Intelligence
  • Neeraj Dabarwal
    Research Analyst
  • Renee Schwartz
    Research Coordinator
  • Amanda LaRoque
    Research Analyst
  • James Alpert
    Research Analyst
  • Dipika Sharma
    Research Analyst
  • Vikas Maheshwari
    Research Analyst
  • Aparna Aggarwal
    Research Analyst
  • Kuldeep Sen
    Research Analyst
  • Sanjay Singh
    Research Analyst
  • Navin Mirania
    Data Research Analyst
  • Robin Santos
    Data Research Analyst
  • Sujoy Shetty
    Big Data Engineer



Client collaboration

All new projects involve extensive client collaboration to understand their needs and how long-term strategic foresight can strengthen their leadership position against existing and emerging competitors.


Structured forecasting

Our multidisciplinary consulting teams collaborate in a structured manner to produce strategic forecasts meant to inform the long-term decision making of our clients.


Industry monitoring

We actively monitor a range of industry-specific reports, publications, newsletters, and news feeds to stay on top of current trends and produce more accurate forecasts.


Expert network

4,000 strong (and growing), these experts are carefully selected to collaborate on current and future projects to ensure clients receive informed, multidisciplinary insights to address the challenges and opportunities they face.


Big data mining

Our team of data scientists analyze industry and client data to isolate trends and actionable opportunities that hide within the world’s ocean of data.


Focus groups and surveys

We conduct a range of focus groups and surveys on select niche populations that are of interest to clients.

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