Our company

Quantumrun is a research and consulting agency that uses long-term strategic forecasting to help organizations thrive from future trends.

We help clients understand how today’s trends might impact their business tomorrow so that they can stay or become the leaders in their space, instead of being disrupted out of business.

Can we predict the future?

No. At Quantumrun, our team of analysts research a diverse range of fields and industries—they track their pace of change, as well as the emerging trends affecting them. Put together, we share with clients a macro, or bird’s eye, view of how today’s fields and industries—that may appear separate or unrelated today—will intersect to create the products, services, professions, and industries of the future.

Overall, we look for patterns and trends in the marketplace and extrapolate how those patterns and trends will evolve and impact our clients over time.

The team

Lua Emilia Director, Strategy & Business Intelligence

Michael Dydynski Senior Consultant

Marko Rapaille Senior Consultant

Joshua Manirakisa Consultant

Janna Ascoli Consultant

Meghan Lafferty Editor-­in-­Chief

Writers Numerous contributors

Andrea Belick National Account Manager |­ Eurasia

Marc Sinclair National Account Manager ­| Eurasia

Liana Gibeault National Account Manager ­| USA

Robert Ries National Account Manager ­| USA

Stephen Lukemann National Account Manager ­| Canada

Andrew Hill HR Generalist

Mukesh Kumar Project Manager

Eric Wa Algorithm Engineer

Mohit Parashar Senior Developer

Artem Tretyak Developer

Yunus Bookwala Server Administrator

Kaelah Shimonov Online Community Manager

Matt Konarsky Social Media Coordinator

Anastassia S Web Designer

Lua Emilia Director, Strategy & Business Intelligence

Neeraj Dabarwal Research Analyst

Renee Schwartz Research Coordinator

Amanda LaRoque Research Analyst

James Alpert Research Analyst

Dipika Sharma Research Analyst

Vikas Maheshwari Research Analyst

Aparna Aggarwal Research Analyst

Kuldeep Sen Research Analyst

Sanjay Singh Research Analyst

Navin Mirania Data Research Analyst

Robin Santos Data Research Analyst

Sujoy Shetty Big Data Engineer


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