Disruptive corporate longevity trends to impact health care companies by 2030

Companies belonging to the health care sector will be affected directly and indirectly by a number of disruptive opportunities and challenges that will jeopardize their corporate longevity over the coming decades. While described in detail within Quantumrun’s special reports, these disruptive trends can be summarized along the following broad points:

  • First off, the late 2020s will see the Silent and Boomer generations enter deep into their senior years. Representing nearly 30-40 per cent of the global population, this combined demographic will represent a significant strain on the health systems of developed nations.
  • However, as an engaged and wealthy voting block, this demographic will actively vote for increased public spending on subsidized health services (hospitals, emergency care, nursing homes, etc.) to support them in their greying years.
  • The economic strain caused this massive senior citizen demographic will encourage developed nations to fast-track the testing and approval process for new drugs, surgeries and treatment protocols that may improve the overall physical and mental health of patients to a point where they can lead independent lives outside of the health care system.
  • This increased investment into the health care system will include a greater emphasis on preventative medicine and treatments.
  • By the early 2030s, the most profound preventative health care treatment will become available: treatments to stunt and later reverse the effects of aging. These treatments will be provided annually and, over time, will become affordable to the masses. This health revolution will result in a reduced usage and strain on the overall health care system—since younger people/bodies use less health care resources, on average, than people in older, sicker bodies.
  • Increasingly, we will use artificial intelligence systems diagnose patients and robots to manage intricate surgeries.
  • By the late 2030s, technological implants will correct any physical injury, while brain implants and memory erasure drugs will cure most any mental trauma or illness.
  • By the mid-2030s, all medicines will be customized to your unique genome and microbiome.

These broad trends will have far-reaching effects on the health care sector that will influence the sector’s long-term development.

To stay informed about these and other trends, as well as the emerging opportunities and threats facing the health care sector, consider investing in Quantumrun Foresight sector forecast reports. Contact us today to learn more.

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