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Lua Emilia

Lua Emilia is the Director of Strategy and Business Intelligence at Quantumrun. She has spent her career around digital innovation and big data since long before they became buzzwords. A marketing strategist by trade, she has also become highly specialized in Big Data Analytics, Management Consulting, and Process Optimization, has co-created multiple Digital Marketing courses, and was a contributing editor for the 1st Canadian Edition of BUSN, a business essentials textbook used by Undergraduate and Master’s level educational programs around the globe.

Ms. Emilia supports Quantumrun’s clients in navigating the landscape of emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and data governance.

Featured keynote topic

Lua Emilia’s featured speaking topic is corporate longevity: the 24 keys to future-proofing your company until 2030.

This keynote topic is all about ‘corporate longevity’—why do some companies survive far longer than others. And the data Lua will present is based on the Quantumrun Global 1000 research report that uses a new methodology to rank 1,000 companies based on their likelihood to stay in business until 2030. The official news release and details can be found here.

Overall, Lua will share an entertaining and visual presentation that will introduce the concept and importance of corporate longevity, while also giving the audience key insights and practical tools they can use to improve the long-term viability of their startup or established business.

Other keynote topics by Lua Emilia

Lua Emilia also has experience speaking about the following topics:

– Data analytics
– Big data management
– Strategies for long-term success
– Blockchain integration
– Building a culture of innovation
– Design thinking implementation
– Digital strategy: SEM & Content

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Recent highlights

Research: Lua Emilia is the co-author of the annual Quantumrun Global 1000 report that uses 26 key criteria to rank 1,000 companies based on whether they will stay in business until 2030. Read the findings of this and other Quantumrun reports.

Latest speaking engagement: Most recently, Lua Emilia was invited to share keynote presentation at the Digital Forensics Conference in Abu Dubai about the topic of Digital Forensics. She was also invited to participate in a panel and host a workshop in which His Highness Sheikh bin Zayed was in attendance.

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