Disruption-proof workshops

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Train employees to see around corners

Tailored to organizations looking to improve their transformative thinking capacity, Quantumrun Foresight’s Disruption-Proof workshops are designed to provide your employees with the mental frameworks and techniques needed to enhance their long-term strategic thinking, generate new business ideas and develop competitive advantages.

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To work around your needs, our workshops can take the form of one or more of the following delivery formats:


This presentation will overview the fundamentals of long-term strategic forecasting and its practical applications to business. In particular, we’ll explore how specific key variables in how an organization operates can reveal vulnerabilities and opportunities in its ability to adapt effectively to future trends and market changes.

Lunch N’ Learn

Inspire your management and strategic teams with a 25-minute presentation that covers the fundamentals of practical trend forecasting. A 20-minute Q&A and brainstorm session will follow to discuss industry-relevant data and insights that will result in unique takeaways you can apply to your organization’s long-term initiatives.

Half-day workshop

The most in-depth of our educational offerings, half-day workshops allow for a more thorough exploration of how your organization can effectively adapt to future trends. Training will be highly customized to your organizational needs and goals, and breakout sessions will allow for small group discussions and the practice of long-term trend forecasting methodology. Participants will emerge with a new skill set to help your organization be more responsive to the future threats and opportunities that may impact your organization.

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