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Robots would have to start paying taxes. Well of course they would.


Let's face facts. At some point in life, there's a distinct possibility that a robot will take over your job. Once we've accepted that, then we can more easily understand Bill Gates's ideas about mitigating that process by bringing some kind of benefit to mankind. And what better way to do it than to lean on that prime immutable: taxes?

So tax the robot owners or, even better, if the robot is a sentient life form, make HIM... or her... pay income taxes.  Of course there's a whole host of problems in making this equitable and reasonable, and then there's the issue of recognizing the AI species and its rights and priveleges. But I think it's a worthwhile trade-off to get the benefit of making robots work for us.  Or for themselves. Or whatever. 

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Tom Kaskey

well developed countries like USA, Canada emphasis greatly on their folk's income tax, property tax and all other stuff related on Govt. tax. This is so much strictly maintained because they maintain all budget programmes using tax. Canada almost takes 40% income tax and it's huge. But in the developing countries, they have not a big issue for paying tax so much. Revolution of making robot increases vastly only those developed countries. I think this will be a great idea to prone for tax getting those extra tax for those usable robots that really impacts on employment sometimes better than people.

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I believe taxes for robot owners should already be a real thing. Every year less and less people work in manufacturing and production as they are replaced by robots. That doesn't mean factories are producing less, robots are actually producing way more products than people could and since less people work less taxes are paid. If robot owners (and robots) are taxed maybe human taxes would be more reasonable. And maybe, just maybe, more people would have a job as robots wouldn't be more affordable than humans.

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Ronan Lombardo

Here's a big contradiction about tax. Taxes are going to be a big issue preferring to the different countries like China. They are being taxed so much for their industrial technology and the others stuff.  From them automation allows firms to avoid wage taxes, which fund social benefit programmes such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in the US, or National Insurance contributions in the UK. Firms are mostly responsible for just paying wage taxes for human workers to their governments.

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"Firms are mostly responsible for just paying wage taxes for human workers to their governments."

Well, they should be responsible for robots too since soon there will be almost no people on their employee lists. 

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