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Special legal status for robots



I think this is something that should be seriously considered. If and when we get to the point were AI is so advanced, are they still merely tools? If they have cognition, are they still machines?

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This is both hilarious and insane. What will be next? Robots will start union to get paid and have a paid vacations? 

I don't understand what they're doing. They say "that laws should be written to make sure robots serve humanity and are not used to cause damage". At the same time they say that "the parliament rejected an earlier suggestion that if robots start replacing human workers, their owners should pay tax or contribute to social security costs." I don't see how this can be good for humans. 

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Vincent Vega

It should not be considered. Robots are man made and are still machines. They shoud only be considered as machines. It should be registered like cars but please don't go too far by them having special legal status. End of coversation. 

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Jenifer Tabet

Why then in the face of constant ridicule should we pursue such a topic?  We believe that the development of robots and their emerging rights is a compelling issue which will significantly and dramatically impact not only the judicial and criminal justice system but also the philosophical and political ideas that govern our societal institutions.  

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