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“Say no!” Advice from the CEO!


How can a "NO" help you to grow your business? From a CEO statement, "NO to more staff, to bigger marketing budgets, to additional equipment" will push your business up.

I just got some interesting facts from the article. I request you to read it once. 

Thank me later.

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Tyson Bareet

I know...the word 'no' is one of the worst words you could ever hear at work. You might not save the universe, but staying productive and being able to do something successfully after hearing that dreaded 'no' will remind you that you’re good at your job and that eventually, your hard work will lead you to get a yes.

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Hearing the word "no" teaches people to work harder with what they currently have I believe. Like the article says, "A “no” gives you the opportunity to prove to others that you can find creative solutions to deliver quality work with less."

Also, hearing rejections from your peers/boss sets you up for finding ways on how to be more creative with your approach in the office. Will hearing "no" always pump people up? I don't think so, but it can surely differentiate the tenacious ones from the rest.

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And what if company is not doing such a good job as the one from the article? What if boss actually has no idea what they're doing and they still say no to all possible improvements?

I liked the conclision tho: "Don’t let the boss’s no stop you from achieving your goals."   

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YES! I totally agree with you!

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Hyden Sober

Obviously having a big plan and a good budget make that negativity out of our world. But things are not the same in all facts. In most of the cases, an ideal team, a bigger budget, a complete plan may not include. Yeah, you are right @Tyson Bareet .... Hard work and a well-planned idea will lean on the negative or no words into positive thoughts.

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Lili Shtupp

"When we’re denied resources, we give ourselves a license to try new ways of using the resources we already have." - This statement stucked me. I mean, when worse comes to worst or we don't have a choice, we use what we have in order to get what we want. That's the basic human behaviour, right?

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Norma Desmond

True. The word "No" makes us become a great, smart and independent individual. 

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