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Robot laws and legal rights



How is it that we're considering taxation for the robots when they join the economy while pushing kill switches and human-first priorities? See, this is why we'd end up with some Terminator-esque dystopia. Sigh.

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Otis Driftwood

I do consider taxation on the owners of robots but not the robots itself. Regarding "Legal Rights", it's too vague though. Legal rights when it comes to what?

"a means for robots to always be identifiable to humans" - I don't think humans will never be the same level with robots. Human is far more different with robots.

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Ronan Lombardo

Right you are, If we give rights to intelligent machines, either robots or computers, we’ll also have to hold them responsible for their own errors. Robots, by analogy to humans, must conform to a “reasonable computer” standard. Sentient computers and their software should be held to the standard of competence of all other data processing systems of the same technological generation.

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