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Vincent Vega
Genius Tech Gadgets!


Check this out! New technologies in the market today is getting more and more interesting. I found XY Find It tracking device more valuable to me because i always keep on forgeting where i put my keys almost all the time and even spend an hour just looking for it sometimes! Lol.

How about you, guys? Which of these tech gadgets are you most interested in? 

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I need that toilet light lol

Some of the gadgets on this list are pretty neat. And I will seriously think about getting Dodow. From what I've read this could be cool addition to my bedroom. 

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Cosmo Brown

Toilet light - It's like something is gonna come out of the toilet hahaha

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James Pallone

Mind blowing! Did you know how much pain it was to repair my car before inventing FIXD! You can simply say it money-wasting factor because I also wondered to know that only checks up the problem by searching some codes regarding this and simply fixed it. Now it's obligated to buy the device. Let me buy first..

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