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Large growth in demand for industrial robots



This is something that people pining for manufacturing jobs have to accept. Some of the jobs that their parents/neighbors had which provided a steady income for their families just aren't viable anymore. And it's not because of illegal immigrants or outsourcing. It's automation.

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I'm glad to see less and less people are comfortable with manufactoring jobs. Most of these jobs are brutal and way to hard for human body and we should be better with robots doing those things instead of humans. I just hope governments will find a solution for all these people who are losing their jobs due to robots taking over.

Speaking of, do you guys think we'll enter another big crisis because of automation?

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I think so. I work in the call center industry and just recently, we found out our jobs will be at risk in 10 years because of automation. Even now I see campaigns starting to push self-help options or even chatbots.

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