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mouse potato
Buildings made of bone and eggshells



I'm not sure how people would react to a building made of bone. I'm all for saving the environment but that creeps me out a little bit too. Maybe more of the self-healing concrete?

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Ronan Lombardo

A building constructed of bones and eggshells might sound like something odd. The material can warp in humid conditions and is susceptible to attack by pests such as termites. On the other side, the concrete industry produces almost five percent of manmade carbon dioxide worldwide. Some got rethink is necessary and believes that it will bring a welcome change and our cities may end up being a lot quieter.

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Self-healing structures would be really cool. I'm not sure I'd be thrilled to live in building made of bones tho. And I'm not sure I really want to know, but where are they finding ll those bones? I assume they need a ton of bones for one building.

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Interesting.  It's definitely not sustainable but I guess this is a concept project. 

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