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Solar windows for skyscrapers



I didn't know solar cells technology has gone this far. This is perfect for countries with sun all year round. And since cities use a lot of power, this should help ease climate change too.

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...and this is what smart cities should be about. Kudos for the idea! Can't wait to see this plan coming live.

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Tyson Bareet

I doubt solar windows will ever be viable. Efficiency will always be worse than regular solar panels. Installation costs will be high since extreme amounts of wiring will be needed to connect them. Maintenance and the eventual replacement are also very expensive. I think solar window manufacturing, their installation, and maintenance will use more energy than they produce in their lifetime. It's a big matter whether the vendors will come or not!

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Lancaster Dodd

This is good news. I just hope they do the smae for all skyscrapers in every cities. Business owners should invest in this solar window technology since they will also benefit from it by powering the building itself. 

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Looks good! I really hope we switch to solar and wind as our energy sources. It is readily available almost everywhere and our environment is getting hotter and hotter anyway, 

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Jet peterson

It would be nice to see this technology sooner than later. Unfortunately, they only have a lower amount of efficiency. Hopefully the university recruits some more researchers to explore the other options.

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