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Cohousing can help prevent loneliness



As an introvert, I'm afraid I have to disagree. I value my space and being alone isn't always lonely. More often than not, it's peaceful and quiet, which I enjoy. What I think we need are more "common" spaces like parks and other open spaces where we can be with other people and just hang out. Where I live, if I want to go to a park, I'd have to commute for over an hour.

Loneliness doesn't always stem from being alone. For architect Grace Kim, loneliness is a function of how socially connected we feel to the people around us -- and it's often the result of the homes we live in. She shares an age-old antidote to isolation: cohousing, a way of living where people choose to share space with their neighbors, get to know them, and look after them. Rethink your home and how you live in it with this eye-opening talk.
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Not to mention the possible threat of theft with this setup. I agree with what you said thougn on building more common spaces like parks and libraries instead, I think that's a better idea to mitigate loneliness, and can also serve as a good place for communities to hang out. 

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