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Buzzfeed and the future of journalism



I think the journalism landscape has drastically changed over the past 10 years, especially so in the last 2 years. I've never even heard of the term 'fake news' before but in the last two years alone, I must have heard that used more than a bajillion times. What's sad is that a lot of people use it to refer to news they just choose not to believe -- even when it's true or factual. 

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We live in a world filled with questionable "news sources" such as Buzzfeed and TMZ. I mean I know that even major news companies like CNN tend to favor sensationalism sometimes but it is getting ridiculous.

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I like BuzzFeed a lot. All news portals are dealing with sensationalism and fake news, some are doing better job, some others, well, not so good. I think BuzzFeed is doing good for now. But it is right, they definitely are reshaping journalism. They care about small things and stories that big news companies wouldn't want to talk about and since they are so big, fun and easy to read, others must follow. I don't see anything wrong with the message they're sending, that small normal lives matter too.

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James Pallone

Okay, enough fallacious news nowadays. We believe that everyday people should control the news, not governments or corporations. So it's a great initiative building a platform that brings in all of the social media content and lets everyday people vote on and fact-check it in real-time. But what validity do the organizations provide in your mind if people won't believe anything from reputable sources not much can be done?

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I never thought of Buzzfeed as a source of legit journalism. If anything they are a company that posts rather entertaining content. And of course, they use clickbait to gather views as with most companies out there. 

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Buzzfeed is not my definition of journalism but I have to admit their Youtube videos are great,

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