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mouse potato
Modern streetcars in the US



The argument that streetcars were designed to support economic development and NOT increase mobility doesn't make sense to me. I thought it's supposed to boost economic development because people can get to places easily?

The real reason streetcars are making a comeback by Vox
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Tyson Bareet

After traveling to different cities, I noticed that a lot of streetcars connect airports and Amtrak stations with the central downtown areas. It would make sense as this would certainly benefit tourists attracted to the epicenter of cities. This video further leads me to believe that streetcars serve little to no purpose for city populations, but merely benefit and encourage traelling.

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1. we call these trams

2. All of this makes no sense to me. Why are they building this kind of infrastructure at the first place?

All over the Europe trams are one of the most convenient way to come from point A to point B as fast as possible. I don't know if they're making money or not and that doesn't matter as they are here to serve citizens. Traffic is lighter, rides are more comfortable and affordable than buses or cars and they're they're not emitting gasses. But again, we have them since like forever and I don't understand why anyone would build infrastructure like that today. There's no way for it to be cost-effective. And they're doing it all wrong.

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