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[Discussion] How will soldiers look like in the future?

Machines like drones and robots could replace soldiers in the near future in an effort to become a more lethal, deployable and agile force. It may help human soldiers avoid  getting killed in the battlefield or being badly injured because robots will do the fighting for them. It may also help them avoid some of the mental and emotional issues that can come with a tour of duty. like anxiety and post-traumatic stress. What do you think?

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That will help save a lot of lives! Human soldiers will just have to control the robots from their camp or wherever.

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Probably in the control room focused on tactics. This is the only good thing about robotics in the context of war in my opinion, the more we could save lives the better. 

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The future of war really is looking towards technology. Having drones as soldiers is absolutely a lot better than having humans in a lot of ways - easily disposable, can follow commands accurately, and can be upgraded if needed. 


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