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The France you don't hear much about


It's deeply interesting and deeply comforting to know that France has the same problems as anyone else. It's astonishing but unsurprising to learn that the City of Lights has gritty, earthy, troubled, vibrant communities of mixed heritage, and that they all consider themselves French. When I someday go there to see the vineyards and the old country and beautiful Paris, I will also take time to see the parts of it that aren't advertised on TV or in the movies.  If you would love France, then you must love all of France, like a family that can be deeply fragmented but still family.

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All cities are like that I believe. What we usually see on TV are romanticized versions of cities... but surely people of all walks of life live there. I even read that places like the Eiffel Tower has this smell that tourists may find off putting lol.. don't quote me on that though.

I remember when I first visited Vienna. Was it a beautiful place? Absolutely. But there some seedy parts in that beautiful place too. 


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Hyden Sober

 Sometimes Paris is just like its stereotypes, it’s even hard to believe how true it is!  It’s completely socially acceptable to smoke, even from a young age.  There are many beautiful parks in Paris but it is strictly forbidden to lounge or picnic on their lawns. I see parents often let their kids get very far from them even close to city streets. Maybe it’s the street-smartness that city kids anywhere tend to have.

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All countries have their not so nice spots. This is not a knock at France at all, seeing these parts is actually good because it gives us a much more realistic view on what different kinds of people experience in that area of the world. 

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I love France, especially Paris. I just came back from a 3 week vacation and I can't count the number of times I thought to myself "there is so much beauty here" . . . a painting, a church facade, a shop window, a bridge, a doorway, a fountain, flowers in a window box . . . something different and beautiful every step of the way. When it comes to finding out new cool places the Instagram Travel Blogs serve me pretty cool.

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