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Google's two-legged robot shown in Tokyo



I'm surprised that most robot designs are bi-pedals. Is it the most efficient design which is why most people use it? Or is it because the aim is to eventually create a robot that is more like us?

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I was wondering about that too. It took them decades to design bi pedals that can handle sudden shifts in angles.. at least for me that means that we are decades removed from designing a bi pedal robot that can work as close as humans do.

Why don't they just design robots using insect like designs and whatnot lol

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Jenifer Tabet

The fact that a society of two-legged creatures designed everything around them for bipeds is so obviously most people don’t even think about it, but it becomes a serious issue when talking about the future of robotics. Although building a robot with wheels is fairly simple, but building a machine to walk on two legs is a complex technological challenge.

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You gotta admit that's some serious leap in technology tho. I would not be surprised if Japan decides to use their popular animes for inspiration when it's time to develop new prototypes. 

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