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Should we auction off to the highest bidder something that could instead be super free WiFi for everyone?


Some dedicated TV frequencies will become freed up soon.  I'm sure that has much to do with the fact that most of us don't even watch TV on TV's anymore.  The conventional wisdom, backed up by Nobel economists, is that the government should auction them off to the mobile industry to economically "optimize these resources."  OR we could go with Mr. Arnd Weber and a new study that says the government really should dedicate the channel to standard free WiFi, so that "Individuals, institutions, and companies would be far less dependent on expensive mobile communications networks in conducting their digital communication." It seems our digital communication needs are trending to heavy increases in the future so we'll need the infrastructure to handle it.  But how should that infrastructure be set up? Hmm, more options for telecom companies to control information and get money from us? Or free super WiFi for everyone so we don't have to depend on the telecom companies as much?  Gosh, call me crazy but I think I'll go with Door Number Two.

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Hyden Sober

 It is likely to be more challenging for the government of those countries to create an effective collaboration for free Wi-Fi due to the absence of agreement between policymakers and private stakeholders on the goal of spectrum policy and network investment.

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