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Robots are great but they can't solve everything



I saw a documentary that explained how because Japan is homogenous and historically not that open to foreigners, the only "viable" option they have for their aging population is robots. I can see how robots solve the labor issue (automation, low cost) but I can't see how it can replace the human interaction that the elderly need.

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Charles Kane

I remember the movie "Robot & Fank". If you haven't watched it yet, Please do! It can't replace the human interaction but it surely does fill the emptiness and loneliness they  feel especially those that old folks that lives alone and without their children. 

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Norma Desmond

I watched that movie and it is really a great movie!! Better to be with a robot than to live alone eh?

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Lancaster Dodd

Robots can perform many tasks like dance, sketch, use smartphones etc. but they cannot solve Japan’s big problem: the population shortfall, due to extremely low birth rates.

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James Pallone

Remember! Google uses Captcha which Robot can't handle although they can dance, sketch and various automation work in the industry where there is no need of manpower. But the biggest problem is they aren't programmed to any emotions that people have. For many big problems, Japan offers the scholarship so that the foreign asset can meet up the requirements. 

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The Jetsons' Lifestyle isn't that far from us! interesting to see a robot like Rosie :D.

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Bonsai Girl

I wouldn't mind living with Rosie at all! I would give her a perfect home even tho she's outdated lol

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There was a robot in making named Kuri, she was adorable and was ment to be a home robot, who would help eldery people. Unfortunately Kuri was discontinued so we'll have to wait a bit longer to see first real home robot.

On topic - maybe robots don't have feelings, but still, for elderly people robots are probably better option than nothing.

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Taryn Boyle

It's so much irritating fact for me introducing this Captcha. It's really waste my time even in the emergency. Google made it just for checking whether someone using their robots instead of people. Sometime it doesn't work although I enter the valid information. I think people will make the alternate robot against Captcha.

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Tyson Bareet

A robot named "Shakey" is exactly the kind of robot you want to give guns to. "Wakey! Wakey! It's Shakey Shakey!" Starts shooting gun uncontrollably killing multiple people!

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