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$170 billion fund to fight climate change



I wonder how they're doing with this initiative now that they've been working on it for more than two years. I think it's great that people who can fund it are funding it but there is also a lot we (people who don't have billions to donate) can do to help this fight.

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Ronan Lombardo

Both Gates and Steve aren't saints, we all know that, but I can't understand why when people talk about geniuses they don't mention Gates? Is this something that peasants like me could also throw some money at? I've been looking for good green energy funds to invest in for some time with little luck.

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Cosmo Brown

I agree. Bill Gates is such a genious man when it comes to business. We should atleast be thankful that he is investing on these technologies that can help fight climate change. I don't want to sound skeptical but I think I know why Donald Trump doesn't seem to acknowledge the thought of US investment in clean-energy technology. Donald Trump is also a business man, right?

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Could be a mindset thing. I mean, Trump made his money in real estate and "traditional" business. Gates made his money in tech. I think in a way, that reflects and affects the way they think and choose what they think is worth investing in.

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