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Active commutes to get more physical activity



I'd love to bike to and from work but our roads just aren't safe for cyclists. And with the amount of smog I'd end up inhaling, I'm probably safer being "lazy" on the bus. 

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Tom Kaskey

A physically active lifestyle is an important contributor to individual health and well-being. Nowadays hiking is a great part of the weekend. Moreover, people like more to hike along with a bicycle and for that bicycle are being designed keeping that criteria in Engineer's mind. We'd like to have the clean and safer roads for being a part of that and this should obviously concerned.

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I live in a big city. I am also NOT a morning person. There is no way I would ever bike to work. 

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I don't see how active commutes could be encouraged, at least in my city. Most of my friends have bikes, but only few of them use them to go to work. Trafic is terrible in the morning, roads are not made for hundreds of bikers and coming from one end of the city to the opposite one would take like 3 hours. 

If they really want to encourage active lifestyle they should start by lowering prices of bikes and sport equipment and giving people enough free time for outdoor activities and not forcing people to bike to work.

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Jenifer Tabet

I lived in a congested city 4 years ago. I ordered a pizza and the pizza boy easily brought my pizza through even the narrow lane in front of my house. Then I realized about the power of bikes though I used to watch that we were trapped in traffic the cyclist easily passed away!

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