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Ad-supported future of the music industry



I grew up in the 90s and even then, artists look at the album sales as a gauge for popularity but where most of them make their money is by doing tours and concerts. Now that we have streaming services and fewer and fewer people feel the need to pay for music, looking into ways to get money via ads is a smart move.


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Taryn Boyle

I personally think that artists can benefit from having their music everywhere because then more people can listen to it and are more likely then pay for merch, or a concert ticket, or even buy the physical or digital album. I think this fosters a better relationship between artist and fan as well. Finally, YouTube is the most widely used streaming music app globally but it is also the most controversial one.

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I haven't bought an album in years. I think the last physical CD I bought was 10 years ago. I mostly just stream it these days. As for indie artists, Soundcloud is an amazing platform for a lot of them, I think.

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Eve Harrington

"Guage for popularity" --  include the "Likes" and "Shares" from platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram. 

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