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Sujith Sukumaran
AI and DIgital Marketing

Customer Relationship Management has a pivotal role in developing business. Chatbots have a crucial role to play in CRM. 

People always seek answers, even before making a purchase and making a purchase. Regarding the queries, the chatbot helps them find the answer by simply texting. Chatbots are AI-enabled algorithms. They work on human fed algorithms. The chatbot gives answers to the conventional questions identified by the programmer. and anything asked outside of that frame can be an issue as well.

That's were the AI algorithm has the role. AI helps the chatbot to think logically and give answers to anything asked by the customer.

But in terms of sales, do you think chatbots can contribute largely towards organization goals?

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It could be used to handle most Customer Service related inquiries, but it will certainly not be as effective in handling cases like Sales or Retentions.

I really believe that with Sales, it's important to speak to a real live person rather than a robot as we are dealing with convincing people to avail of a product. AI could probably work as technology becomes more advanced, but it would take decades of refinement for it to happen imo.

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