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mouse potato
America's new favorite condiment is...Mexican?



This was a surprise. Granted, the article is about 5 years ago but given the current political climate in the U.S., I wonder how Trump's supporters would feel after reading this.

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Can't fault them though... Tortillas and salsa are the truth boys and girls! Seriously, salsa is so versatile you can practically use it for almost anything, think of it as ketchup on steroids. Tortillas is ok, but I still prefer a good ol burger.

And lol @Trump

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James Pallone

What is wrong with these people? Even me, someone who doesn’t like salsa, can say eating tortilla chips and ketchup is just wrong. Huh! Now Americans are obsessed with Mexican condiment cause it has more flavor and it tastes way better than American food. Hey Americans...have a taste Indian food... spicier and a little bit soler than Mexican.

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This is just because not enough people tried Italian. Once they do, they'll switch from salsa to Italian sauces.

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Can't fault people for that tho, good food is good food no matter what Trump may say lol

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Jet peterson

Americans are strictly bush-leaguers when it comes to pasta. Italians, it almost goes without saying, are the world champions. The most popular dried pasta in Italy is Barilla, which has recently become more widely available in the United States.

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Good food is good food. Can't fault them for that!

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