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mouse potato
Are electric scooters the future or a passing fad?



I think it can be the future but it will require cities to make sure the sidewalks can accommodate scooters or that they have designated lanes for scooters and bikes. My city recently tried putting bikes in certain parts of the city so that they can use that to go to places just a block or so over. It failed miserably. The sidewalks weren't exactly made for biking and no one in their right mind would want to ride a bike on the street with the cars and buses.

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Tom Kaskey

Bike-rental and scooter-rental services have a long way to go to reach that sort of city-shaping level. It's quite possible they never will.  In that case, as cars are slowly pushed out of some of the world's busiest places, bike and scooter startups only need to step into a newly opened vacuum.

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