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Are long-form music videos a thing of the past?



I honestly have never been fond of long music videos or one with cuts to show the story. I would watch MTV all day waiting to hear the songs I really liked and the narrative cuts just ruined it for me. don't get me wrong. I'm a fan of music videos that have a story but I think they already have the music and imagery while it's playing in their disposal. Having to rely on cuts, intros, and outros is a bit lazy and sloppy.

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I think that it will start to decline in popularity but it won't die out. 

Plus, knowing how the old eventually becomes the new for almost all things, it will surely make a comeback after a couple of decades.

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Agree with Mark on this one. For me, there will always be a market for long form music, the question is just how big/small it is. It seems to me that the more we go forward with technology, the less people have patience over long forms of media, so it's only fair to assume that long forms of entertainment will drop in popularity in the next couple of years.

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