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Are robots really out to get our jobs?



I think it's sad that a lot of people are rejecting innovation out of fear. It makes sense to want to keep your job but efficient production of things also lead to better-priced items. Just 20 years ago, my family had to save for years to buy a 10-inch TV. Now, for the same price, I can buy a 32-40 inch LED TV.

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People are not rejecting innovations out of fear, but because they enjoy living in their comfort zones. That, and laziness to learn something new. I can understan them. If I lived 70-80 years without all this technology and was just fine, I sure wouldn't bother buying smart appliances. It would probably take me ages to learn what button to press for what and it would make me crazy.

Ad yes, I believe robots are meant to take over part of jobs and I don't see anything bad in that.  

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Lili Shtupp

Yes, AIs and Robotics might take over our jobs in the future, but I'm sure that government will look for an alternative way on how to cope up with the unemployment rate. Plus, I think that by using these technologies, it will surely have a great impact in our economy which will also have a domino effect on people, possitively. We should learn to embrace the change in technology for which in return might better our lives in the future. 

On the other hand, I agree to idea of income of companies who are using/generated by AI's and Robotics should be taxed more than human workers.

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Tom Kaskey

There is growing concern that emerging technologies such as computers, robotics, and artificial intelligence are displacing human jobs, creating an epidemic of 'technological unemployment'.  While this projection has yet to be confirmed, if true it will have major economic and social repercussions for our future.  It is, therefore, appropriate to begin identifying policy options to address this potential problem. 

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