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Are we getting way too connected, way too fast?



This author raises a very salient point in that what used to be "computer security" is rapidly progressing into the security of everything.  And we aren't speaking only of the Internet of Things. That being said, One human error could have the potential to wipe out humankind.  Or it could be one piece of malicious intent.  Or it could be one artificial intelligence entity that exceeded our expectations after we gave it the Security Key to Everything.

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Don't you guys think we should better speed up education and internet security development instead of slowing down something that can make our lives better?

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It does feel like that sometimes. Don't get me wrong, being connected to the rest of the world is an awesome thing to have, but with everything that's progressing security will always be a matter of concern. Anyway IT companies are sure to see this segment of the market and they're probably creating ways to improve security as we speak.

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