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Sujith Sukumaran
Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition

What if we walk up to a coffee vending machine, and instead of brewing the coffee by ourselves the machine itself prepares the coffee? Through facial recognition, the machine itself memorize our past preference and act on it.

That’s how fast things are happening in the technological world. AI can work wonders in real life. Now, facial recognition is used from marking attendance to paying online.
A soft drink producer in china uses facial recognition in the vending machine so that customers need not pay by cash. The amount will be deducted from their bank account which is linked with their biometrics and face.

Recently I came across this article about facial recognition in the coffee vending machine.

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Very nice. I'm not surprised that big nations like China are trying their hands on AI and Facial recognition, I mean they use Facial recognition on to identify their own people. 


But still, this is just a start to what they can do with the tech. We can expect bigger and better things in the future that's for sure.

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China has been using Facial Recognition for years. But I am thinking that making it mandatory is a breach of people's privacy in some respects.

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