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Forrest Gump
Automation in Workplace


Automation could kill 73 million U.S. jobs by 2030. Automation could destroy as many as 73 million U.S. jobs by 2030, but economic growth, rising productivity and other forces could more than offset the losses, according to a new report by McKinsey Global Institute.

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It's the wave of the future man. As much as I hate to say it, jobs that require minimal variation like factory work will be replaced by machines and that's pretty much a guarantee. In fact we can already see some machines helping out factories right now.

A topic similar to this has been posted before by the way.

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Bonsai Girl

If all those people will be secured and not left without money I'm fine with this. Automation is a good thing that will cost companies less errors and time while they'll be able to give even better results than now. I also believe that majority of jobs where humans can be replaced by robots are boring and depressing or dangerous jobs that people shouldn't do anyhow. 

I just hope they will find a solution for all those people before killing their jobs.

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It will be a dog eat dog situation for those who are in need for a job that's for sure. Skills will be placed at a higher standard and it will be MUCH harder to find good employment.

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Employment may very well become a rare commodity if automation continues to be integrated in our workforce. We need to be ready and step up our skills if that ever happens.

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Jenifer Tabet

Mitigating the employment effects of automation could be as simple as reducing the standard work week to 30 hours. Since people would be on the job for fewer hours, employers would have to hire new workers to make up the time difference, increasing the total number of jobs in the process.

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^That may be possible, but it's also possible to eliminate employment altogether. But of course it depends on the need as well as the industry. 

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Lili Shtupp

Yes you're right @JaredDuffy409, I just hope the government will find a way on how to address the unemployment issues that might arise in the future as early as now. Remember, not all people are educated enough to upgrade their skills from the economy's future employment demands.

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Taryn Boyle

There's can be no possible way yet to predict the future completely about how automation effect in job assurances. Yes, automation will result in job losses, but only 14% of jobs will be highly automatable. This is a big fear out there right now—that the robots are coming whether they will going to take all the jobs or not.

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