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Autonomous vehicles may outperform buses and cars



As someone who can't drive after attempting to learn several times, I am looking forward to driverless cars. I don't think it can replace public transport though. Aren't trains and buses proven to be more earth-friendly because it can carry xx number of people for less emissions?

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Tom Kaskey

Elon's words and actions have done very little except to damage the public perception of the space.  At least he has finally stopped selling the full self-driving option on Tesla. What is used to develop the technology has delayed that slow messages from the car’s sensors to the car’s brain, according to a fourth former employee and nine other people familiar with Cruise’s technology.

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Bonsai Girl

I'm curious, would people who don't drive be comfortable sitting in self-driving car? 

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I'm not sure if it will eliminate man-driven vehicles but autonomous cars will be more common in the upcoming decades that's for sure.

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