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Brain-boosting drugs are the new worldwide opiate


More and more people worldwide are engaging in pharmacological cognitive enhancement via the casual, non-medical uses of prescription drugs or snorting cocaine or any variation in between. In other words, people wanna be like Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless and they're convinced they have the real-world equivalent of "NZT" at their disposal. (And who wouldn't want to be like that? Brad was awesome in that flick and really defined the concept of agency in storytelling, but I digress...)

How many people are doing it now?  Surveys all over the place indicate anywhere from a threefold increase in the past two years to as high as twenty times as many as before.  Now that's some serious drug abuse.  Are we bearing witness to the rise of the intellectually superior and oh-so-clear-headed masters of destiny?  Or the impending burnout of a generation of dope fiends? Time will tell.

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Interesting article. What's scary about this is that they don't even consider the thought of ODing when taking these "brain boosters". I've had my share of experimentation back in the day and it was a silly thing to do looking back.

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Tyson Bareet

Although researchers do not yet know everything about how these medications work, it is clear that they are all truly active treatments, rather than simply substitutes for the addictive opioids. When heroin, oxycodone, or any other opiate travels through the bloodstream to the brain, the chemicals attach to specialized proteins. 

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