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Can AI and blockchain make insurance irrelevant?



I can see how advancements in technology can affect health insurance or HMOs but I don't agree that it's gonna render life insurance obsolete or irrelevant. Could be because I don't fully comprehend what blockchain is and its potential but the article just didn't give me enough to make me think  I won't be needing my life insurance policy in the future.

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Norma Desmond

I agree with you on life insurance not becoming obsolete or irrelevant. People nowadays are becoming more and more consious on their health and investing money on it without even thinking twice. It's necessary especially these days.

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Ronan Lombardo

People will still need insurance. Accidents will still happen. Homes will still catch fire or get flooded. Ships will still sink. People will still die. Tech makes it easier to compare prices, but comparing cover is still difficult.

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Eve Harrington


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