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Can organic food and GMOs help decrease obesity?



A large part is probably a combination of access, cost, and choices. I'd prefer to have vegetables on the table every day but it's not possible where I live. To be able to do that, I'd have to travel and spend money on transportation and the fresh produce. 

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My short answer is - no.

Long one - food is just one of many causes of obesity and overweight and changing only food we eat will not change anything. I know a lot of people who are doing their best to eat healthy and organic, but they're still overweight.

Our eating habits are bad - we rarely respect the rule of several smaller meals and ratios of ingredients on the plate. We don't exercise or move our body enough. We don't spend enough time outdoors. So until we fix all those issues, there is no diet, food organic or GMO, or supplements that can help us get rid of obesity and overweight. 

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Ronan Lombardo

If the science can be proven safe and the profit model optimized so that poor and independent farmers don’t become overly dependent on seed companies, GMO might hold some of the keys to solving both the obesity crisis.

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mouse potato

I've read several articles that talked about how obesity is linked to poverty. If you're poor, you tend to buy cheaper products that are usually unhealthy. They even made comparisons on how much fruits and vegetables cost versus TV dinners and why a lot of poor people buy TV dinners instead.

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The problem is primarily an issue of overeating in my opinion. Yes oragnic foods can be a good switch to improve health but if we are targeting obesity then we need to take into account the meal portions itself. I mean some countries have healthy foods for the most part but people just tend to eat too much sometimes. 

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It's all about calories in vs calories out. The problem with obesity is the simple fact that people eat too much, I don't think eating specific foods will help unless we learn to track what we eat.

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