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Can VR be a substitute for travel?



I think VR technology provides an excellent alternative for people who can't afford to travel. It's also a great alternative to exploring places people can't go safely into or can no longer enter. However, I don't think it's going to remove the need for travel or tourism entirely since the experience is purely visual. You can see the beach via VR but you can't feel the air on your face, smell the sea, or feel the sand on your feet.

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I don't think so. Yes it can be a good tool for getting a feel of a particular place, but we still know that we are in a computer generated reality at the end o the day. Also, a big part of travel is the culture and food, VR has nothing to replicate that sort. 

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No, definitely not! Nothing can substitute real travel even virtual reality opportunities. Nothing beats the real thing. Talking to the locals - being immersed in their culture.  Read Travel Info 

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