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Carnivore diet "fixed" a woman's arthritis



Let me just get this out there: Yes, I believe that what you eat has big impact on your health and that eating or not eating certain food groups can help "fix" health issues. My partner has arthritic gout so we have eliminated beans, oats, and other uric acid-rich food from our diet. However, I can't see how eating just one food group can be healthy for anyone.

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Maybe they supplement their diet with a multivitamin idk. I watched an episode of JRE in which Jordan Peterson also mentions that the carnivore diet cured his autoimmune problems. It is an interesting diet that's for sure.

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Ronan Lombardo

Going straight carnivore might save you a lot of pain and suffering if you are such as the quite sick autoimmune disorder or autoimmune symptoms, or mental health issues. Then see how you feel, and decide what to do next. You need to get healthy before you can start listening to your body and learning what you need.

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Norma Desmond

I think the reason why the Arthritis of Mikhaila Peterson healed is because of the zero intake of processed foods and sugar in general (includes sodas that has a high sugar content). Eating these foods are really not healthy to our body. Those people who have high sugar level slows down the healing process of any wounds in your body. I've read this tons of times already in newspapers way back when there's no internet yet. Same goes with the processed foods, the carbohydrates you find in processed fodds are usually refined "simple" carbohydrates. These lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels and cause negative health effects.

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There's also a theory mentioned by another JRE guest which states that Ms. Peterson's gut might not be in the best condition, which makes her vulnerable to diseases. I think the main reason why her health improved is because of the fact that she has stopped eating unnecessary carbs and such (which is incidentally the effect of Keto or a carnivore based diet).

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