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Challenges of mobile AR/VR/MR



I got so hyped when VR boxes first came out but after about a month, I ended up storing it in my "old tech box." There just isn't enough content to keep me engaged and excited. So many games would be amazing with VR but a lot of the games compatible with it were mediocre at best.

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Tom Kaskey

I also shared some of my posted pictures. How has the picture changed after one year? We saw progress, but more incremental than ground-breaking. There are still significant barriers in true hardware mobility, user experience, and cost. 

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Forrest Gump

The reason why they do conferences is to know the feedbacks of the gamers for them to see opportunities of improvements. Maybe it would be much better to buy these products when all is good and research for reviews first before buying so as not to waste money and no regrets in the end.

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