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Chemical used in perfume can trigger hair growth



If this works, I hope they come out with products for women too. A lot of hair growth products are made only for men and as someone who has crazy hair fall, I'd love to try out a product that can help me keep my thinning hair on.

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This is great news especially for people who suffer from premature baldness or people who can't grow hair because of a disease or something.

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Jenifer Tabet

Hope for baldness cure as scientists trigger hair growth with the chemical used in perfumes: 'A rather amazing finding. They found that by applying their synthetic sandalwood odorant to scalp tissue they could both increase hair growth and decrease cell death. This was enough to generate the substantial, clinically relevant functional hair growth effects.

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Nice find! While I don't really care too much about hair, I can understand how important it is for some people. 

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