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China ramps up efforts to make smarter robots



I'm surprised China is investing so much into robotics. I get why Japan does it because labor cost is high there and they have a shortage of people but China has like the exact opposite of that.

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I like it. Nations building better tech can benefit all sectors in the long run. A country as big as China needs this to keep with with the other giants like the US.

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Cosmo Brown

They should, because China is known to have a huge manufacturing companies. Amongst other countries, China is the first thing that popped in my mind that should be using robotics. Second is Japan. 

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Jet peterson

Economists argue that Japan either needs to accept more immigrants or put robots to work. Japan's overall population is now declining at the fastest rate globally. The country sells more adult diapers than baby diapers and fewer workers to support an aging population likely leads to poor economic growth. Even for that purpose, they just need to run the flow continuity investment in robotics and that remains a sound decision. 

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If I was also running a massive country like China I would also focus on things like these. I see robotics as a smart investment in that once you come up with an efficient prototype you can practically use it in almost all lines of  business. 

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