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China's ambitious scientific revolution



China has achieved and pushed for a lot of advancements in the past couple of years. I wonder how sustainable it is though given how they are still a communist country and corruption and misuse of power is still a huge issue for them.

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What worries me is because of how their government is set up, they can do away with regulations and conduct animal and human experimentation with impunity.

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Taryn Boyle

There's a saying, "Quantity is not quality."

The USA needs to stop letting regressive maniacs prevent advancement. It is Luddite level ridiculous and it’s holding everyone back. I bet the quality on average is far from on par with the USA or Europe. But they are catching up and even taking the lead in some areas: neutrino research, the space program, nuclear reactors especially fusion reactor etc.

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Erika Sanders

I'm not surprised that this news is about China :) 

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Me too LOL. 

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China has always been more "open" to experimenting with often unique/controversial ideas. It's good in some ways but there should still be some form of regulation to keep everyone in line.

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