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China's first unmanned factory



I think manufacturing jobs will be the first industry to feel the loss of jobs due to automation. I'm surprised though that the technology is already at a point where factories can replace 90% of their workforce with machines. It seems like a complete win for the factories too because their productivity rose to up to 250% and even minimized the number of defects to just 5%.



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Oh wow! So it has begun. I always thought that China will most likely lead the way for automated factories, I was not wrong lol.

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Yep, the Manufacturing industry will take a big hit once automation becomes the norm. It will probably be implemented with big companies like Apple and the like. It's kinda scary though as lots of workers will be out of a job. 

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China is really bringing the fire with their tech ideas. Say what you want about how they conduct things, but they are amazing.

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