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China's increasing demand for milk has global consequences



I wonder what's driving their increasing need for milk. Also, isn't there a new tech that helps decrease the emissions of cows and other animals raised for consumption?

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"By 2050, milk consumption in China is expected to be triple the current level. The big question is, where will this milk be produced?"

What? My big question would be - what are they doing with all that milk? 

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Tyson Bareet

The main problem is China will be the mainstream responsible for increasing greenhouse gas emission by producing pea farming removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produces oxygen, making plants a strikingly more sustainable food option. They will also add the environmental burden of huge animal feed imports  while importing the extra milk wholesale would simply shift the problems to milk exporting nations.

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mouse potato

I was wondering about that too. What's up with the rapid increase in demand? Do they use it for bathing? A sudden rise in demand because they'd have more kids by then? It's baffling.

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