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Chinese-developed $100 billion city in the sea



Given how expensive housing is in Singapore, this can be a good thing for people who can't compete with the housing prices. However, I'm not comfortable with the idea of reclaiming part of the sea to make buildings. I mean, haven't we done enough to ruin the ocean?

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Ronan Lombardo

It will take a while for all the parts to fall into place: infrastructure, manufacturing, education, healthcare, and growth in population. But I have no doubt it will happen eventually.

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Interesting idea. Yes there are a lot of moving parts like the dude said above,but fundamentally I think this is a niche that has potential. 

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Lancaster Dodd

Isn't it scary? You all know how people are destroying the world with noise, water and garbage pollution, right? Imagine if we bring that attitude to the sea? Are we not contented in the land and we even want to populate the place where sea animals live in? I don't understand why people (escpecially Chinese businessmen) needs to be so much greedy sometimes.

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