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Climate change is a threat to national security



It's sad that there are still a lot of people who refuse to believe that climate change is happening even though in some countries, there are already disputes about who get to fish where because it's getting harder and harder to catch fish.

Warriors and weather: Climate change and national security in America by The Economist
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James Pallone

There is no doubt that runaway climate change threatens the long-term national security of many countries as well as the overall stability of the world if anyone greatly trusts or not. The impact of climate change needs to be considered far more of a mainstream issue, and the implications factored into security and economic strategies in the same way that other threats to prosperity and stability are.

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Climate change can drastically affect a country in more ways than we can ever imagine. Aside from the security threat mentioned, it can also drastically affect the economy as crops and livestock will surely be affected also. 

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Hyden Sober

US justification for policing the world has long included protecting essential energy supplies, but this rationale is declining for several reasons such as the contradiction of oil production.  

Have a look this one:

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